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The West Midlands Junior Squad exists to support Junior Orienteering in the West Midlands Region. Membership is by invitation to any promising and committed young people, aged from 12 to 18, who are members of one of the WMOA clubs.

How do I join?
The Squad is always keen for new members. Please contact the squad coordinator, Melanie Elkington (wmjsquad@gmail.com) if you are both a West Midlands Orienteering Club member and second year M/W 12 through to M/W 18 .To qualify you should be regularly attending West Midlands League events as the West Midlands Colour Coded Badge Scheme is used for selection into the West Midlands Junior Squad. If M/W 12 then ideally you should be regularly attending West Midlands League events and have as a minimum Orange Standard and be just starting to compete on Light Green courses. M/W 14s and above will be regularly competing on Light Green courses and be in the process of attaining their Light Green badge.
New members may be invited to join the squad at any point during the year, but typically it will be in September. If you are prepared to make the commitment to join then you become eligible to buy both a Squad O top and a jacket. You are expected to attend most of the training sessions.
Membership of the squad and regular attendance allows access to British Orienteering summer tours and the talent Squad. We regularly have three or four juniors on tour and also have members who have run in international teams, eg. World Schools(WSCO), Interland, Junior Home International (JHI) , European Youth Orienteering Championships ( EYOC) ,Junior World Orienteering Championships ( JWOC).
WMJS Code of Conduct
Every squad member is expected :
To have a positive attitude towards training .
To conduct themselves with a helpful approach to squad weekends .
To support squad activities .
To respect the rights, dignity and worth of other involved regardless of ability.
To respect the spirit of fairness in orienteering .This is more than participating within the rules it also incorporates the concepts of friendship, respect for others and always participating with the right spirit.
To abide by squad rules and undertake to obey the rules and instructions of the squad coaches and co-ordinator. Should an individuals conduct be consistently poor or any single event deemed severe then that individual will be warned and potentially cautioned. If cautioned, this will be made known and recorded. Two cautions in a year and the individual will be asked to leave the squad for at least a six month period.
Squad Kit
O tops are 25
Jackets are 25 (Old style 15)
Red ladies small Cagoules 15
Black Waterproof trousers 15
  • 2nd Year 18s

  •    Guy Ross, Matt Elkington, Peter Riley, Harriet Lawson
  • 1st Year 18s

  •    Hamish Rogers, Ali Gardner, Jeremy Knott
       Julie Emmerson, Rachel Emmerson
  • 2nd Year 16s

  •    Stephen Elkington, Tom Ross, Nathan Lawson
       Aimee Morse, Rhiannon Cope
  • 1st Year 16s
  • ,
       Harrison McCartney, Matt Hartland, Heather Rogers, John Leyden
  • 2nd year 14s

  •     Heather Craig, Gemma Cairns-Smith
  • 1st Year 14s

  •    Ellie Bales, Ella Rose McCartney, Alfie Bullus
  • 2nd year 12s

  •    Ewan Lloyd